Gone From Our Sight But Not From Our Hearts

mrsp and sandyShe is our mom, grandma, mother-in-law, dear friend and the matriarch of Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. Mrs. P passed away peacefully this morning in her log home at the center of the patch. It was Mrs. P’s greatest desire to make it through the season and not have her failing health be a burden to the family. Once she knew we sold out of pumpkins this past Saturday, it was as if she was free to go. And so she did.

In Mrs. P’s memory, Papa’s Pumpkin Patch will be closed Thursday, Oct. 23 from 12-7 pm. We ask that you respect our privacy. We will be open Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 21-22, and for our final two days of the 2014 season on Friday, Oct. 24 and Saturday, Oct. 25. Thank you for your understanding.
Mrs. P on dixie

We will miss her deeply. Her contributions to Papa’s are seen and felt in every corner of the pumpkin patch. We are grateful that she is now free to sew as many colorful flags and banners as her heart desires and mow as many acres as she sees before her. Mrs. P is gone from our sight but not from our hearts.

Papa and the family


Papa’s Pumpkin Patch Is Sold Out of Pumpkins

empty back yardIt’s the goal of every pumpkin patch, and it’s also bittersweet. Papa’s pumpkin yard is empty; the pumpkins are gone. You are welcome to visit and play, take family photos or enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie and a cup of apple cider. We don’t have any more pumpkins to sell. Papa has looked in three states and there are no more pumpkins to bring to his patch.

At this point, we plan to keep Papa’s Pumpkin Patch open for play through Saturday, Oct. 25. Papa’s will be open from 12-7 pm daily. On Sunday, Oct. 19, we will have all of our free activities and the weekend extras: zip lines, train rides, concessions, pedal carts, hay rides, sling shots, pony rides, the pumpkin cannon and pumpkin trebuchet. These are all available from 12-5 pm and have a small fee. Admissions is $4/person. Infants and toddlers two years and under are free.

Monday through Friday, Oct. 20-24, Papa’s will be open 12-7 pm daily. All of the free activities will be available during these hours. Papa also plans to stay open through next Saturday, Oct. 25. Our volunteers and extra activities will be here to provide you with a fun outdoor play place.

Truly it is bittersweet. We would love to have pumpkins through our final day, but this year we don’t. Thank you for making 2014 an amazing season!

Papa and the family


More Play Than Pumpkins at Papa’s

girl leaping pumpkinsIt’s been an amazing season at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. We’ve experienced record crowds and brought more pumpkins into the yards than ever before. Papa spent the last week looking for more pumpkins, even into South Dakota and Minnesota. You know what? The two trailers and about 1,000 pumpkins we brought into the yards on Thursday evening are the last of the pumpkins to be found!

We have more places to play than we do pumpkins  for leaping over as we come into the weekend of Oct. 18-19 and our final week before Papa closes for the 2014 season on Saturday, Oct. 25. We welcome you to come enjoy the outdoors with family and friends: it sounds like we are in for a wonderful weekend as well as the week ahead.

Papa still has some large pumpkins, a few smaller varieties, some squash and larger gourds, along with decorative corn, a few bundles of corn stalks and small square bales. Over the weekend, all of our extra activities will be available including concessions, zip lines, train rides, pony rides, hay rides, sling shots, pedal carts and the pumpkin trebuchet and pumpkin cannon.  Our volunteers are anxious to welcome you to Papa’s!

We hope to see you soon,


There’s a Few Extras at Papa’s on Thursday, Oct. 16

Thanks to several of our volunteers and partners, Papa is able to have a few extra activities open on Thursday, Oct. 16 for guests to enjoy. On most weekdays, guests can count on close to 20 different free activities like the nature trail, log jam, super sand box, corn crib, Papa’sville, obstacle courses, slack lines, bale structures, slide mountains and more.
2013 pony rides

On Thursday, Oct. 16, we are able to add our zip lines, pony rides, barrel train, concessions and our monster wagon ride tour of the pumpkin patch. We ask $4/person admission to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. (Remember that infants and toddlers two years and under are free. Bring your own wagon and you also get one free admission.) These extra activities have a small fee: $1/ride for the zip lines, barrel train and wagon ride tour of the pumpkin patch; $4/ride for the pony rides; and concession prices vary depending on how hungry or thirsty you are!

We are getting close to the end of our season, and we only have two more loads of pumpkins coming into the yards. The pumpkins will arrive between 3 and 5 pm today.

Thanks so much for enjoying the 2014 season with us!


A Great Discovery at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch

kids and patchRecently, one of Papa’s guests shared this wonderful photo of three children marveling at one of our painted satellite dishes. They happen to be in front of “Patch” and we asked for permission to share the image because it really is priceless.

Papa and the family are most excited when we know the children are having fun or discovering something new in the pumpkin patch. Clearly, these three are in the midst of a great discovery!