One Month from Today Papa’s Polar Patch Opens!

boy on blue sled lowSometimes it’s fun to have a countdown. Papa especially likes them when it means we are getting closer to welcoming guests to the pumpkin patch or, in this case, Papa’s Polar Patch. So here it is: One Month from Today, on Dec. 26, Papa Plans to Open His Polar Patch for You!

And today would be a perfect opening day. Fresh snow all around, temps into the 20s and sunshine. It’s a perfect winter wonderland day, and we are hoping for 10 straight days just like this beginning with Dec. 26.

Papa plans to have his polar patch open from Friday, Dec. 26, through Sunday, Jan. 4 from 12-5 pm daily. Admission is $5/person and this includes two $1 tickets that you can use for horse-drawn sleigh rides, old-fashioned sled rides or concessions.
horse drawn sleighIn addition to sleigh rides and sled rides, you’ll find other fun outdoor activities waiting for you and the family at Papa’s. We plan to have zip lines (free), the log jam, Papa’sville, a bonfire for roasting s’mores and marshmallows, slide mountain, a straw pit, a bale castle and hopefully, a huge snow hill and Papa’s Pedal Carts.

If you have a group of 10 or more people coming to play at Papa’s be sure you check our our special group rate. When you schedule your visit to Papa’s for 10 or more people, then you and everyone in your group get three $1 tickets to use at Papa’s for the $5/person admission.

Papa’s counting down the days until Dec. 26. There are 28 of them right now, and they will pass quickly in the midst of the holidays!

See you soon,


Papa’s Polar Patch Is a Go!

IMG_4855Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith, and this is one of those times. Papa has decided to open his Polar Patch on Friday, December 26 at 12 noon, even though there isn’t enough snow on the ground today.

You see, we’ve learned over time that while we live in North Dakota, we may or may not have enough snow for a polar patch. This year, Papa’s willing to bet we will get some more of the white stuff before Christmas!

We plan to be open daily from 12-5 pm for Papa’s Polar Patch beginning Friday, Dec. 26 and going through Sunday, Jan. 4. Weather is always a challenge during the polar patch so please, check Papa’s website or his Facebook page before you plan to visit us. In general, we follow school guidelines: if the temperature is below zero or the wind chill is -15 or lower, Papa’s Polar Patch is closed.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season, and we hope to see you at Papa’s Polar Patch!

Take good care,


Papa’s Pumpkin Patch Is Closed for the Season

Jo's small wagon loIt’s been an amazing season at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch, and we have you to thank. We’ve welcomed record numbers of guests, from the general public to class field trips to corporate events and birthday parties. USA Today named Papa’s one of the “Coolest Pumpkin Patches in the Country,” and one friend of the family said she even saw a picture of Papa’s Pumpkin Patch in the Copenhagen, Denmark newspaper while she was traveling!

Most importantly, you made our 2014 season one that Mrs. P throughly enjoyed and reveled in during her last weeks with us. She couldn’t have been more pleased to know she was a part of something so wonderful. She would simply smile or shake her head in wonder each time we would tell her about how a guest paid it forward for someone else or how well everything was going, even in the midst of several thousand visitors.

It’s true. The 2014 was amazing. In the coming days, Papa will continue to share some of the very cool stories that we got to witness or play a role in. Hopefully, they bring a smile to your face, too.

Thank you,

Papa and the family

Saturday, Oct. 25: Closing Day at Papa’s

lil guy and dad on cornstalk horse lowSaturday, Oct. 25 is our final day for 2014, and Papa’s Pumpkin Patch will be open from 12-7 pm. We are sold out of pumpkins, however, we welcome you to come and play or enjoy a beautiful fall day outdoors. Admission is $4/person; infants and toddlers two years and under are free.

All of Papa’s extra activities will be available from 12-5 pm. This includes zip lines, pedal carts, train rides and corn cob sling shots ($1/ride or $1/3 corn cobs); the horse-drawn hay rides are $2/ride and the pony rides are $4/ride. The concessions area will be open and prices vary. The pumpkin trebuchet and pumpkin cannon are free to watch and will be shooting at targets on the half hour beginning at 12:30 pm.

We hope to see you today!



Two More Days to Play at Papa’s!

Aanders in corn cribThere are just two more days to play at Papa’s, and we invite you to join us and celebrate the season.

Papa’s Pumpkin Patch will be open from 12-7 pm on Friday, Oct. 24 and 12-7 pm on Saturday, Oct. 25. We have no more pumpkins but we welcome you and your family to come and play to your heart’s content.

All of our free activities will be available both days. On Saturday, Oct. 25, we will also have pony rides, horse-drawn hay rides, zip lines, train rides, corn cob sling shots, pedal carts, concessions and the pumpkin trebuchet and pumpkin cannon. These extras have a small fee.

Papa and the family are truly grateful to our friends, volunteers and visitors who have been so supportive this season. You’ve helped to make this fall a truly memorable one!

We hope to see you,