Yes! It’s Another Beautiful Day at Papa’s!

back yard full of pumpkins and people loIt’s Tuesday, Sept. 16, and it looks to be another beautiful fall day at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. We had our biggest opening day ever on Sunday, and we started the week off with a full day of field trips on Monday.

Papa plans to be open 12-7 pm daily through Saturday, Oct. 25. Be sure to check our website or Facebook page before traveling any distance…just in case Mother Nature has different ideas.

Hope to see you soon!


OH, HAPPY DAY! Papa’s Is Open!!!

barn scene thru leaves loIt’s here. The 2014 season is here! Papa and the family are SO EXCITED we can hardly stand ourselves. We’ve been working non-stop the past two weeks to prepare for this day and our coming pumpkin patch season.

Here’s the scoop: 12-7 pm daily. Today (Sunday, Sept. 14) through Saturday, Oct. 25.

We ask $4/person admission. Infants and toddlers two years old and under are free.

Zip lines, pedal carts, pony rides, horse-drawn hayrides, pumpkin trebuchet and pumpkin cannon, concessions. All of these “extra” activities run from 12-5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays — also Thursdays from 5-7 — and have a small fee. Otherwise, there are more than 20 free activities to enjoy in a beautiful fall setting.

Pumpkins, squash, gourds, decorative corn, straw bales and corn stalks will continue to be hauled into the yards through the end of September. With our cooler summer and wet August, many of the crops are later to ripen and so we’ll be able to keep the yards looking fresh, longer than we have in the past.

big cottonwood welcome sign lowLook for signs like the one on the right to guide you to Papa’s. We are anxious to see you!

Papa and the family


Friday, Sept 19: It’s Midcontinent Day at Papa’s!

Midcontinent Day at Papa'sMark you calendar and make plans to join your friends at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch on Friday, Sept. 19. It’s the second annual Midcontinent FREE Day at Papa’s from 12-7 pm!

That’s right. If you visit Papa’s Pumpkin Patch on Friday, Sept. 19, Midcontinent is covering your admission ($4 value/person), and they are generously providing $5 in pumpkin cash to each guest. There’s more: you’ll also get a free pumpkin when you leave!

Pumpkin cash can be used anywhere at Papa’s on Friday, Sept. 19. Plus there’s another bonus: Papa will have all of the extra weekend activities you love available on Midcontinent Day. That means zip lines, pedal carts, pony rides, horse-drawn hayrides, train rides and concessions will all be open and ready for you.

Papa is excited to welcome Midcontinent back to his pumpkin patch, and he looks forward to seeing you on Sept. 19.

See you soon,



Getting Ready to Welcome You!

Poppy welcome signSunday, Sept. 14 is right around the corner, so Papa and the family are busy getting ready to welcome you! 2014 marks our 32nd year as Papa’s Pumpkin Patch, and we are amazed at how excited everyone is about the season.

Already, we have dozens of birthday parties scheduled; over 1,500 school  and day care children confirmed for field trips; and several corporate events planned. The number of charitable organizations volunteering to create the magic at Papa’s is over 40 with nearly 500 individuals who will help throughout the season.

Papa’s season is 41 days this fall: from Sunday, Sept. 14 to Saturday, Oct. 15. We’ll be open from 12-7 pm daily, and there are at least 20 free activities and photo opportunities waiting for you. In addition, on Thursday evenings from 5-7 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6 pm, we add several more fun activities for a small fee. These include zip lines, pedal carts, pony rides, horse-drawn hay rides, train rides and concessions. We also shoot off the pumpkin trebuchet and pumpkin cannon at these times.

Be sure to check Papa’s website or Facebook page before you plan your trip to Papa’s…just in case we are challenged by Mother Nature!

We are just as excited as you are for the 2014 season, and we hope see you soon!!


Just One Final Mowing and Papa’s Is Open!

mrs. p mowing 0612There’s lots of ways to measure important dates. For example, there are only 13 days left until Papa’s Pumpkin Patch opens on Sunday, Sept 14 at noon. That’s a good one. And there are literally hundreds of bales that need to be placed into fun, exciting structures for young and old alike to run and jump and hide. Then there’s thousands, yes thousands, of pumpkins that need to grace the yards so we can officially call ourselves a pumpkin patch. OK. That’s a pretty important number.

how tall this fallAnd there is one final round of mowing on Mrs. P’s list before she’ll let those pumpkins in her yards!!! With all of the rain we’ve had in August, Mrs. P has called in for back-up assistance to stay ahead of all the mowing. She’s doing the last pass of the season before we move in with all of the big decorations like How Tall This Fall and the Pumpkin House, plus the many photo pops scattered about.

Papa likes all of the countdown numbers associated with opening day, but today his favorite is ONE. One final mowing of the lawns and then we are ready…for you!

See you soon,