Weekend Parties at Papa’s Are the Best!

Erin with balloonsPlanning a fall birthday party or family gathering and want a great outdoor location loaded with fun? Papa’s weekend scheduler is ready to help you plan the perfect event.

Beginning Sunday, Sept. 14 through Sunday, Oct. 18, you can reserve a party shelter for 10-30 people at Papa’s. To learn more about hosting your party at Papa’s, you can check our Field Trips, Parties, Events page at www.papaspumpkinpatch.com. You can also email Erin at erin.patton@yahoo.com with questions or to reserve your space.

Curious what others have said about their birthday party at Papa’s. Check out this review on TripAdvisor. It’s entitled, “Best Birthday Party I’ve Ever Been To‚ĶLike EVER! – 10-year-old boy”

We have multiple shelters available and during the week; we even have indoor options that accommodate groups of 80-100. We can also bring multiple party areas together to accommodate groups of most any size. For larger corporate events, contact Tracy at finneman@midco.net or 701-527-3725.

We look forward to seeing you at Papa’s!



Turning Dreams Into Reality

Papa in the 417Summer is the time of year for lots of outdoor fun. At Papa’s Pumpkin Patch, we also move from dreaming about new attractions and possible ideas to reality. What can we create for the 2014 pumpkin patch season that will add to your opportunities for fun in the fall?

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Papa began clearing an area to add concessions closer to the pony rides, hay rides, zip lines and bale mazes. It will be tucked back under the trees and offer food and beverages, along with more seating near some of your most favorite attractions.

While this is a more practical addition, there are also exciting new attractions that we will begin building in the coming weeks. Papa will share photos and the progress we’re making along the way.

For now, enjoy every day until Sept.14. Then, come and enjoy your day at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch!


Flying Free and Grateful for It

flag in breeze at mortonMemorial Day. It’s a perfect day this year. Bright and sunny, slight breeze and comfortable temps. Papa just took a stroll around the patch and was struck by the peace and quiet. Yes, it’s a perfect day to remember.

One thing that comes quickly to mind is gratitude for the awesome space Papa and his family get to call home. Another is the small slice of heaven on earth we get to share with nature. There were at least six different birds chattering or singing as Papa took his walkabout.

Most importantly, Papa paused to watch the American flag flying free next to the big red barn at the center of the patch. There is no way to express the debt of gratitude the entire family has to every man and woman who has sacrificed their freedom to ensure ours.

Until we reach a place where gratitude can be adequately expressed, thank you will have to do. THANK YOU!


Keepin’ Mrs. P Happy

Mrs. P on dixieHave you heard the phrase, “If momma ain’t happy, then nobody’s happy”? Well, it’s true at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch too, and this past weekend, it was clear what Papa needed to do. If he wanted to keep Mrs. P happy, he better fire up the Dixon lawnmower!

You see, there isn’t another place at Papa’s that makes her happier then sitting on her “Dixie” and keeping the yards neat and tidy. Each spring, we have discussion about the increased fees we will be “charged” for all of the upkeep, and each fall Papa’s Pumpkin Patch rolls around without one invoice for lawn services being submitted.

Mostly, she just talks big and tries to keep the family in order, at least that’s what Papa thinks. And as far as he’s concerned, if all he needs to do is keep Dixie running smoothly to keep Mrs. P happy, that’s a fair trade for the acres of lawn she mows all summer!

Take good care and enjoy your time outside this spring,



Papa’s Pumpkin Patch Opens Sept. 14!

welcome to our patchSummer seems a ways off, but Papa can’t help himself. The family has set the dates for the 2014 season, and we will open Sunday, Sept. 14 at noon!

Papa will plan to have the pumpkin patch open 12-7 pm daily through Saturday, Oct. 25. Already, he’s begun to look at locations for activities like the corn maze, bale castles and zip lines. And yes, there will be new things to do and explore this year. We aren’t letting any secrets out of the bag yet, but keep an eye open as we get into summer.

If you are interested in scheduling your class or group for a weekday visit, check out the details for doing so under Field Trips, Parties and Events on Papa’s website. If you’d like to know what’s available for your larger group or corporate event, you’ll find information there as well.

Enjoy Spring!