With No Snow, It’s No Go for Papa’s Polar Patch

_MG_5335There’s no way around it. We are loving the milder weather this December, but we don’t have enough snow on the ground for Papa to open his Polar Patch. There will be no Papa’s Polar Patch this year.

The forecast sounded positive for possible snow on Monday and Tuesday of Christmas Week, and that didn’t happen. In fact, Fernwood Drive leading up to Papa’s was even showing signs of mud!

Papa and his family wish you the very best of holidays. We hope you have plenty of time with the people you love, and loads of laughter, too.

We look forward to 2015, and we are already planning new activities for Papa’s Pumpkin Patch next fall!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Planning to Play at Papa’s? Schedule Now and Save $$$!

fireplacePapa plans to open his Polar Patch in just over two weeks! From Friday, Dec. 26 through Sunday, Jan. 4, Papa and the family hope you’ll plan a visit between 12 and 5 pm daily for some great outdoor play. The big red barn becomes a warming house, and outside you’ll find horse-drawn sleigh rides, old-fashioned sled rides, zip lines and more!

Papa loves to have visitors, and sometimes guests want to visit in groups. Here’s a cool deal: if you round up nine of your friends and family (so a total of 10 or more people in your group), contact Papa’s ahead of time and book your group visit. Then you will receive three tickets with each admission of $5/person! (Admission for Papa’s Polar Patch is regularly $5/person and each admission receives two tickets to use while at Papa’s.)

Think about it: if you are the “Johnson” group and you book your visit in advance, then when you and the rest of your Johnson group arrives at Papa’s Polar Patch, you will pay $50 for the entire group ($5/person) and get 30 tickets to use for sled rides, sleigh rides or concessions! That’s a $30 value!!

If you want to book a group visit to Papa’s Polar Patch and get extra tickets as a bonus, contact Tracy at mrsp8469@aol.com.

We hope to see you soon!


One Month from Today Papa’s Polar Patch Opens!

boy on blue sled lowSometimes it’s fun to have a countdown. Papa especially likes them when it means we are getting closer to welcoming guests to the pumpkin patch or, in this case, Papa’s Polar Patch. So here it is: One Month from Today, on Dec. 26, Papa Plans to Open His Polar Patch for You!

And today would be a perfect opening day. Fresh snow all around, temps into the 20s and sunshine. It’s a perfect winter wonderland day, and we are hoping for 10 straight days just like this beginning with Dec. 26.

Papa plans to have his polar patch open from Friday, Dec. 26, through Sunday, Jan. 4 from 12-5 pm daily. Admission is $5/person and this includes two $1 tickets that you can use for horse-drawn sleigh rides, old-fashioned sled rides or concessions.
horse drawn sleighIn addition to sleigh rides and sled rides, you’ll find other fun outdoor activities waiting for you and the family at Papa’s. We plan to have zip lines (free), the log jam, Papa’sville, a bonfire for roasting s’mores and marshmallows, slide mountain, a straw pit, a bale castle and hopefully, a huge snow hill and Papa’s Pedal Carts.

If you have a group of 10 or more people coming to play at Papa’s be sure you check our our special group rate. When you schedule your visit to Papa’s for 10 or more people, then you and everyone in your group get three $1 tickets to use at Papa’s for the $5/person admission.

Papa’s counting down the days until Dec. 26. There are 28 of them right now, and they will pass quickly in the midst of the holidays!

See you soon,


Papa’s Polar Patch Is a Go!

IMG_4855Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith, and this is one of those times. Papa has decided to open his Polar Patch on Friday, December 26 at 12 noon, even though there isn’t enough snow on the ground today.

You see, we’ve learned over time that while we live in North Dakota, we may or may not have enough snow for a polar patch. This year, Papa’s willing to bet we will get some more of the white stuff before Christmas!

We plan to be open daily from 12-5 pm for Papa’s Polar Patch beginning Friday, Dec. 26 and going through Sunday, Jan. 4. Weather is always a challenge during the polar patch so please, check Papa’s website or his Facebook page before you plan to visit us. In general, we follow school guidelines: if the temperature is below zero or the wind chill is -15 or lower, Papa’s Polar Patch is closed.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season, and we hope to see you at Papa’s Polar Patch!

Take good care,


Papa’s Polar Patch Is Closed for the Weekend

triple sled headerBoth the temperatures and the wind chills are in the negatives today so Papa’s Polar Patch will be closed Saturday, Jan. 4. The forecast looks the same (or colder) for Sunday as well.

We’ve had requests to be open additional weekends this winter. We certainly have the snow for it; the winter weather is our challenge. We will keep you posted on our plans.

We visited this morning like we do most every Saturday morning and shared some of our favorite memories from this year’s polar patch season. Always at the top of the list is when we have multi-generational families join us. Yesterday is a good example.

Grandpa was clearly the instigator in an all-out snowball battle over the Papa’sville play structures. There were multiple adults and children taking defensive positions and firing away at one another. Thirty minutes later, they were snow-covered and full of smiles!

boy sliding down hillThe zip line into a snow pile was another fav this season. The number of children who came skiing into the snow and rolled right up the snow hill was only exceeded by the number of giggles from parents and nearby adults who enjoyed the show.

Most everyone who visited Papa’s took time for a horse-drawn sleigh ride. The snow was perfect for the skis to glide along behind driver Chase’s big white and black team. The ride was an awesome way to enjoy the wintry outdoors.

And the old-fashioned sled rides. This year, we used single, double and triple sleds for some incredibly wild and crazy rides. Without a doubt, the craziest ride of the season was a test run with Papa behind the wheel and his sister and nephew on two of the three sleds we run as a triple sled ride. (Note: Papa had been waiting and planning this ride and he could hardly wait to give his sister a really big surprise!)

Papa came around some bales out in the field and headed back toward the big red barn. Unknown to his sister, there was a huge pile of leaves covered with snow that was coming up. Papa planned his route to send her right through them.

_MG_1020Unknown to Papa, his sister remembered Papa hauling several loads of manure from the barn out to the field. As she saw the pile of snow coming up and knew she was going over it, she was sure Papa was sending her into a great big pile of you-know-what from the barn! When she hit the pile, and since it was leaves, she went more through it than over it and there was an instant blanket of dark brown that covered her and her sled.

For just an instant, she was certain she was covered in you-know-what! Papa had to stop the run he was laughing so hard. The nephew was in the sled immediately behind his mom and he fell off laughing because he saw the whole thing from behind.

Once she realized it was only leaves, the name calling turned to laughter for all three!

Papa and the family are grateful to share memories and their winter wonderland with so many friends and families. Stay warm in the days to come!

Take good care,